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Energize your sales by marketing your brick-and-mortar shop online

Take back control of your online marketing results, with demystified organic strategies and a detailed roadmap, tailored specifically for brick-and-mortar retailers.

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Grow your revenue by winning at online marketing

You’ve worked hard to build a successful retail business you love. But the marketing landscape is changing right under your feet.

What if you finally understood where to spend your time and energy in digital marketing?

You’d know exactly how to get more people visiting your shop, buying more frequently, and making larger average purchases. Which could make a huge difference in your revenue, right?

What would you be able to afford that you’ve been doing without?             

  • More sales staff, and the training they need to crush sales goals
  • An up-to-date website that sells for you on autopilot
  • Administrative help to free you up for high-level work on the business
  • Better wages and benefits for you and your employees
  • More time off to enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard to build

Start writing your wish list, because I’ve got you.

I promise at the end of this course, you’ll know:

  • How to consistently create and share engaging social media posts
  • How to write emails your customers will look forward to receiving
  • What should be on your website and how you should be using it
  • Where to get the biggest bang for your buck... and time!

But I sense something’s holding you back.

The overwhelm is so real


You’re a passionate retail expert, and you know you’ve got to keep up with the digital tools and strategies that’ll keep your business relevant and thriving. But honestly, it’s pretty intimidating when you don’t know how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

I totally get it!

Maybe you're posting once in a while and rarely (if ever!) sending emails. You want to update your website, but you just don't have the bandwidth to tackle it. Or there's just so many darn tools on social media that you freeze and do nothing.

And you’re probably wondering things like,

  • How can I create and grow a virtual presence?
  • How do I create a realistic plan for marketing my shop online?


  • How can I make money with social media marketing?
  • Can I even do this online marketing thing when I’m already so busy?


You’re not alone. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of frustrated shop owners in your position. Even if your marketing strategy has served you well for years, it’s not working anymore. That’s because your customers now live in a digital-first landscape, and your marketing hasn’t shifted to meet them where they are.

I created this course so you can finally be confident and in control of your own marketing, and generate more traffic and revenue on demand.


So how do you know if Retail Social Academy is for you?


You’re in the right place if...

  • You need a streamlined way to market your shop organically
  • You don’t have time for trial and error
  • You don’t want to sacrifice customer service to achieve growth
  • You love learning creative new ways to get things done
  • You’re ready to learn how to turn subscribers and followers into sales

RSA may not be for you if...

  • You don’t want to learn and use a new system for attracting customers
  • You’re not willing or able to put in the time to learn and implement the plan
  • You aren’t excited about marketing creatively to reach more people
  • You definitely don’t want to use social media, or email your customers
  • You don’t want to grow your business

If digital marketing isn’t a priority for you, no hard feelings.

But if you’re ready to jump in? I’m here waiting to walk you through it, step by step.

Let’s do it!


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What you’ll learn to leave behind


  • Fear of looking or feeling like a fish out of water while you learn
  • Fear of getting on camera and embarrassing yourself
  • Belief that you’re too old for social media
  • Fear that you’re not techy enough
  • Anxiety over showing up as you are


If we can get real for a second, your ideal customers are out there waiting for you to show up. As you. They want to see you, perfectly imperfect... not more of the shiny happy Instagrammers who have zero wrinkles or body fat, and make them feel less than.


That’s why every lesson in Retail Social Academy is designed to give you the confidence to focus on what matters—so you can stop worrying if your hair is perfect (it probably is!), and go connect with your new customers.

5 modules give you a solid foundation


  1. Curate

Learn how the marketing landscape for brick-and-mortar businesses has changed over the last several years, what strategies are no longer working, and what you can do now to market your shop more effectively.


  1. Communicate

Create the cornerstone element of any well-rounded online marketing plan (which many small businesses ignore completely), and quickly super-charge it with the most powerful source of sales and traffic that you can create.


  1. Facebook

Set up an effective business page on Facebook with step-by-step instructions, including the 4 most important features for promoting your business, reaching new audiences, and driving traffic and revenue.


  1. Instagram

Follow detailed instructions to set up an Instagram business account, strategically use 5 key features to build an online community of your ideal customers, and turn follower engagement into foot traffic and sales.


  1. Strategize

Drop all the strategies you’ve learned into a customized online marketing strategy that works specifically for your business, so you can market your shop confidently and grow an audience of fans who are ready to buy.


I mean, how do you even put a dollar value on all that? But let’s say I sold each of those trainings individually. Here’s what they would be worth.


Course value: $1700

Bonuses for extra fun and profit

3 bonus lessons will help you spiff up your online marketing with next-level design and a time-saving social posting strategy... all without hiring a team of expensive creatives or a marketing agency.

Plus, in our members-only Facebook community we share regular Q&A sessions and additional trainings. Jump in whenever you want to ask a question, get training on new tactics you need to know about, or celebrate a win with people who get what you’re doing!


  • Bonus #1 — How to create beautiful emails in Mailchimp


Send marketing emails that look professional and, more importantly, are designed to convert. (Value: $147)


  • Bonus #2 — How to create stunning graphics in Canva


Create the visuals you need for everything online, from your website and email newsletter to social media posts. (Value: $197)


  • Bonus #3 — How to schedule social posts in Planoly


Never wonder again what to post each day. You’ll have your posts all planned out and ready to go ahead of time. (Value: $97)


  • Bonus #4 — Private Facebook community


Join the RSA’s awesome Facebook group full of brick-and-mortar retailers just like you, so you can support each other as you learn and implement course material. (Value: $247)


Combined bonus value: $688

Whoa, that’s a lotta value...


So to recap:


Course value = $1700

Bonus deck value = $688

Total value of course + bonuses = $2388


Because this training saves so much time and stress, and brings in so many new sales, I’ve had people willing to pay $1,000 for it. But I want to keep it at a price point that’s accessible to more of the shop owners who need it, and yesterday.


So Retail Social Academy costs $497 for lifetime access.


That includes:

  • Instant on-demand course access
  • Lifetime access so you can revisit as needed
  • FREE access to the Facebook Group and the additional training inside.


All the training you need is inside. Ready to get started?


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Join the Retail Social revolution


Retailers just like you are winning at online marketing

I can’t say enough good things about RSA.  Before working with Nina I struggled with content for my email, Instagram and Facebook. Since working with her I get more comments and calls from my emails.  I have more followers on Facebook and Instagram. Her lesson on Canva was a huge help.
I am now going to go back and go through each lesson again and look forward to even more knowledge.

 Leslie, Partner in Weeds on Cedros

I’ve owned a brick and mortar boutique for over 30 years and about 4 years ago added an online store. Having both a brick & mortar & an online presence just added to my confusion as to where to begin & where to focus my energy. Her course has helped me with my social media platforms. I’m learning a lot. Nina is professional, down to earth & easy to follow & learn from.

Monie, Owner New Moon


Before working with Nina Perez, I was struggling with creating a marketing plan utilizing social media and email.

After going through the course, I realized it's ok to email your customers, it's ok if customers decide to remove themselves from the mailing list. I also realized the importance of consistently posting on our social media and keeping things true to myself and the shop.

Thank you, Nina Perez, for teaching me more on how to step up our game without the stress by using a calendar and encouraging me to use email.

Jen, Owner Tides of Anacortes


You’d have to look far and wide to find a better, more knowledgeable and encouraging  Sales Rep than Nina.  Both willing to do the research and share the results, she focuses on a win-win for all.  No one brings more professionalism to the arena of retail. Nina is a delight to work with.
Jenny, Owner Sound Styles

Answers to your FAQs


  • Do I need to be tech savvy to use this system? No way. If you have a smartphone, you can do everything I walk you through in the course, step by step. Zero jargon, and no IT degree needed to get your marketing online and running like clockwork!


  • What are the lessons like? The lessons in the RSA are delivered as prerecorded videos. It’s like having me right there talking to you, except that you can pause, back up, take notes, and rewatch whenever you want. Even if you’ve never taken an online course, you’ll find them easy to follow!


  • Do I have to show up live? Nope! Since all the lessons are pre-recorded, there’s no need to worry about being on time or on camera. You can watch them in your PJs with a glass of wine if you want to. There are Facebook lives included, but they’re totally optional.


  • How much time will this take? I know you have a demanding schedule, so you can work through the RSA as you’re able. The on-demand format means you can fit it around your other commitments, whether that looks like an hour a day or 15 minutes a day.


  • When do I have to show up? Watch the lessons whenever you’re ready, on demand! You can also join the Facebook lives to get questions answered and cheer each other on, but there’s no live attendance required to work through the course.


  • How long are the lessons? Most lessons are bite-sized chunks of about 15 minutes, so you can make progress in the pockets of time you have available. Some more detailed lessons are 45 minutes, but you can always pause and finish them later.


  • I’m already on social media. Do I need this? Yes! Being on social media without knowing how to use it strategically is the reason you hate social media marketing. The RSA shows you exactly how to connect it to everything else you’re doing, so you can save time and turn followers into dollars on repeat.


  • How many lessons are there? Over 20 lessons are currently included, with new lessons added periodically to keep you up to date on new tactics you can add to your arsenal. And all the updates are yours automatically, at no additional cost. =)


  • Will I have the help I need? The RSA includes free access to a private Facebook community for members only. You can always jump in and ask questions there, and get encouragement and feedback from students at different stages who would love to celebrate your successes!


  • Will this work for me and my business? These are the steps just about every business is using now, so, yes! What’s really unique about the RSA is that I’ve curated only what you need to know to make it work specifically for your small brick-and-mortar shop.

Risk-free satisfaction guarantee


I’ve poured everything I have into creating this course to help you succeed, and I’m confident it will help you create the traffic and revenue you’re looking for.


But I don’t want you to be stuck where you are because you’re not sure the investment will pay off. So I’m taking on the risk myself.


If you don’t agree that the course provides the kind of training and support you need, just let me know within 14 days. You’ll get all your money back, no questions asked.

Hi, I’m Nina!


In my 20+ years in wholesale sales and marketing, I’ve seen first-hand the struggle of busy shop owners trying to learn and implement online marketing strategies. I started helping boutique owners in my network get results by walking them through what to do, why, and how. That led to a blog so I could help more shop owners.

Before I knew it, people were asking me for a detailed, comprehensive course that would systematically demystify it all. And I realized that not many people teach online marketing specifically for brick-and-mortar shops. So I decided to use my industry knowledge to bridge that gap. I’m SO excited to share Retail Social Academy with you, and toast to your success!

Your roadmap to consistent sales is waiting


You’ve worked hard to build a successful shop, and you deserve to see that work pay off in spades. A confident plan for marketing your shop online is the way to get there. I can’t wait to see the transformation in your business and, more importantly, in your life.


So come hang out with us inside Retail Social Academy, and take control of your digital marketing results for good!


Join today for $497.

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